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Piligkos, S.; Slep, L. D.; Weyhermüller, T.; Chaudhuri, P.; Bill, E.; Neese, F. Magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy of weakly exchange coupled transition metal dimers: A model study. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2009, 253, 2352–2362.
Bill, E.; Bothe, E.; Chaudhuri, P.; Chlopek, K.; Herebian, D.; Kokatam, S.; Ray, K.; Weyhermüller, T.; Neese, F.; Wieghardt, K. Molecular and Electronic Structure of Four‐ and Five‐Coordinate Cobalt Complexes Containing Two o‐Phenylenediamine‐ or Two o‐Aminophenol‐Type Ligands at Various Oxidation Levels: An Experimental, Density Functional, and Correlated ab initio Study. Chemistry – A European Journal 2004, 11, 204–224.
Paine, T. K.; Weyhermüller, T.; Slep, L. D.; Neese, F.; Bill, E.; Bothe, E.; Wieghardt, K.; Chaudhuri, P. Nonoxovanadium(IV) and Oxovanadium(V) Complexes with Mixed O, X, O-Donor Ligands (X = S, Se, P, or PO). Inorganic Chemistry 2004, 43, 7324–7338.
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