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Tarrago, M.; Römelt, C.; Nehrkorn, J. P.; Schnegg, A.; Neese, F.; Bill, E.; Ye, S. Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Unusual Almost Triply Degenerate Electronic Ground State of Ferrous Tetraphenylporphyrin. Inorganic Chemistry 2021, 60, 4966–4985.
Römelt, C.; Ye, S.; Bill, E.; Weyhermüller, T.; van Gastel, M.; Neese, F. Electronic Structure and Spin Multiplicity of Iron Tetraphenylporphyrins in Their Reduced States as Determined by a Combination of Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry 2018, 57, 2141–2148.
Römelt, C.; Song, J.; Tarrago, M.; Rees, J. A.; van Gastel, M.; Weyhermüller, T.; DeBeer, S.; Bill, E.; Neese, F.; Ye, S. Electronic Structure of a Formal Iron(0) Porphyrin Complex Relevant to CO2 Reduction. Inorganic Chemistry 2017, 56, 4745–4750.
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