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Datta, D.; Kossmann, S.; Neese, F. Analytic energy derivatives for the calculation of the first-order molecular properties using the domain-based local pair-natural orbital coupled-cluster theory. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2016, 145, 114101.
Bykov, D.; Petrenko, T.; Izsák, R.; Kossmann, S.; Becker, U.; Valeev, E.; Neese, F. Efficient implementation of the analytic second derivatives of Hartree–Fock and hybrid DFT energies: a detailed analysis of different approximations. Molecular Physics 2015, 113, 1961–1977.
Nick, T. U.; Lee, W.; Koßmann, S.; Neese, F.; Stubbe, J. A.; Bennati, M. Hydrogen Bond Network between Amino Acid Radical Intermediates on the Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Pathway of E. coli α2 Ribonucleotide Reductase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015, 137, 289–298.
Sandhoefer, B.; Kossmann, S.; Neese, F. Derivation and assessment of relativistic hyperfine-coupling tensors on the basis of orbital-optimized second-order Møller–Plesset perturbation theory and the second-order Douglas–Kroll–Hess transformation. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2013, 138, 104102.
Petrenko, T.; Kossmann, S.; Neese, F. Efficient time-dependent density functional theory approximations for hybrid density functionals: Analytical gradients and parallelization. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2011, 134, 054116.
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