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Reetz, M. T.; Kahakeaw, D.; Lohmer, R. Addressing the numbers problem in directed evolution. ChemBioChem 2008, 9, 1797–1804.
Sanchis, J.; Fernández, L.; Carballeira, J. D.; Drône, J.; Gumulya, Y.; Höbenreich, H.; Kahakeaw, D.; Kille, S.; Lohmer, R.; Peyralans, J. J.-P.; Podtetenieff, J.; Prasad, S.; Soni, P.; Taglieber, A.; Wu, S.; Zilly, F. E.; Reetz, M. T. Improved PCR method for the creation of saturation mutagenesis libraries in directed evolution: application to difficult-to-amplify templates. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2008, 81, 387–397.
Reetz, M. T.; Torre, C.; Eipper, A.; Lohmer, R.; Hermes, M.; Brunner, B.; Maichele, A.; Bocola, M.; Arand, M.; Cronin, A.; Genzel, Y.; Archelas, A.; Furstoss, R. Enhancing the enantioselectivity of an epoxide hydrolase by directed evolution. Organic Letters 2004, 6, 177–180.
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