Publikationen von Luca Mantilli

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Ilg, M. K.; Wolf, L. M.; Mantilli, L.; Farès, C.; Thiel, W.; Fürstner, A.: A Striking Case of Enantioinversion in Gold Catalysis and Its Probable Origins. Chemistry – A European Journal 21 (35), S. 12279 - 12284 (2015)
Teller, H.; Corbet, M.; Mantilli, L.; Gopakumar, G.; Goddard, R.; Thiel, W.; Fürstner, A.: One-Point Binding Ligands for Asymmetric Gold Catalysis: Phosphoramidites with a TADDOL-Related but Acyclic Backbone. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (37), S. 15331 - 15342 (2012)
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