Publikationen von Kai Jeske

Zeitschriftenartikel (5)

Jeske, K.; Rösler, T.; Belleflamme, M.; Rodenas, T.; Fischer, N.; Claeys, M.; Leitner, W.; Vorholt, A. J.; Prieto, G.: Direct Conversion of Syngas to Higher Alcohols via Tandem Integration of Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis and Reductive Hydroformylation. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (31), e202201004 (2022)
Raseale, S.; Marquart, W.; Jeske, K.; Prieto, G.; Claeys, M.; Fischer, N.: Supported FexNiy catalysts for the co-activation of CO2 and small alkanes. Faraday Discussions 229, S. 208 - 231 (2021)
Jeske, K.; Kiizilkaya, A. C.; López-Luque, I.; Pfänder, N.; Bartsch, M.; Concepción, P.; Prieto, G.: Design of Cobalt Fischer–Tropsch Catalysts for the Combined Production of Liquid Fuels and Olefin Chemicals from Hydrogen-Rich Syngas. ACS Catalysis 11 (8), S. 4784 - 4798 (2021)
Amrute, A. P.; Jeske, K.; Łodziana, Z.; Prieto, G.; Schüth, F.: Hydrothermal Stability of High-Surface-Area α-Al2O3 and Its Use as a Support for Hydrothermally Stable Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis Catalysts. Chemistry of Materials 32 (10), S. 4369 - 4374 (2020)
Kim, J.; Nese, V.; Joos, J.; Jeske, K.; Duyckaerts, N.; Pfänder, N.; Prieto, G.: Directional freeze-cast hybrid-backbone meso-macroporous bodies as micromonolith catalysts for gas-to-liquid processes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2018 (44), S. 21978 - 21989 (2018)
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