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Schümann, J. M.; Ochmann, L.; Becker, J.; Altun, A.; Harden, I.; Bistoni, G.; Schreiner, P. R. Exploring the Limits of Intramolecular London Dispersion Stabilization with Bulky Dispersion Energy Donors in Alkane Solution. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145, 2093–2097.
Harden, I.; Neese, F.; Bistoni, G. An induced-fit model for asymmetric organocatalytic reactions: a case study of the activation of olefins via chiral Brønsted acid catalysts. Chemical Science 2022, 13, 8848–8859.
Chatterjee, S.; Harden, I.; Bistoni, G.; Castillo, R. G.; Chabbra, S.; van Gastel, M.; Schnegg, A.; Bill, E.; Birrell, J. A.; Morandi, B.; Neese, F.; DeBeer, S. A Combined Spectroscopic and Computational Study on the Mechanism of Iron-Catalyzed Aminofunctionalization of Olefins Using Hydroxylamine Derived N–O Reagent as the “Amino” Source and “Oxidant”. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2022, 144, 2637–2656.
Das, S.; Mitschke, B.; De, C. K.; Harden, I.; Bistoni, G.; List, B. Harnessing the ambiphilicity of silyl nitronates in a catalytic asymmetric approach to aliphatic β3-amino acids. Nature Catalysis 2021, 4, 1043–1049.
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