Publikationen von Kalishankar Bhattacharyya

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Ghosh, S.; Bhattacharyya, K. Origin of the Failure of Density Functional Theories in Predicting Inverted Singlet–Triplet Gaps. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2022, 126, 1378–1385.
Bhattacharyya, K. Can TDDFT render the electronic excited states ordering of Azine derivative? A closer investigation with DLPNO-STEOM-CCSD. Chemical Physics Letters 2021, 779.
Bhattacharyya, K.; Poidevin, C.; Auer, A. A. Structure and Reactivity of IrOx Nanoparticles for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Electrocatalysis: An Electronic Structure Theory Study. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2021, 125, 4379–4390.
Fritzsche, A.-M.; Scholz, S.; Krasowska, M.; Bhattacharyya, K.; Toma, A. M.; Silvestru, C.; Korb, M.; Rüffer, T.; Lang, H.; Auer, A. A.; Mehring, M. Evaluation of bismuth-based dispersion energy donors – synthesis, structure and theoretical study of 2-biphenylbismuth(iii) derivatives. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2020, 22, 10189–10211.
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