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Sisodiya-Amrute, S.; Van Stappen, C.; Renghausen, S.; Han, C.; Sodreau, A.; Weidenthaler, C.; Tricard, S.; DeBeer, S.; Chaudret, B.; Bordet, A.; Leitner, W. Bimetallic MxRu100−x nanoparticles (M = Fe, Co) on supported ionic liquid phases (MxRu100−x@SILP) as hydrogenation catalysts: Influence of M and M:Ru ratio on activity and selectivity. Journal of Catalysis 2022, 407, 141–148.
Maganas, D.; Kowalska, J. K.; Van Stappen, C.; DeBeer, S.; Neese, F. Mechanism of L2,3-edge x-ray magnetic circular dichroism intensity from quantum chemical calculations and experiment—A case study on V(IV)/V(III) complexes. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2020, 152, 114107.
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