Technical Laboratories and Central Occupational Safety

Technical Laboratories and Central Occupational Safety


The technical laboratories house  the high-pressure and large-scale synthesis facilities of the institute. Autoclaves are typically manufactured in our own workshops and operated in specially encased pressure chambers. Large-scale synthesis facilities are available for reactions in glass vessels up to 200 L. Furthermore, a standard set of purified and/or dried and deoxygenated solvents (about 1.500 L per month) are continuously provided for all research groups. Another focus of our department entails the disposal of chemical waste with an annual quantity of about 35 tons.

Research Topics:

Initiated by a serendipitous finding during the preparation of silica-supported nanoparticles, a novel method for synthesizing iron(III) silicates was developed. The known procedures to generate synthetic iron silicates typically require hydrothermal conditions with temperatures... [more]
Compressed and supercritical carbon dioxide is a well-established solvent for analytical chromatography and large-scale extractions. The extraction of caffeine... [more]
A large number of employees are involved in maintaining high standards of occupational health and safety. In addition to the directorium, as many as 84 appointees and six authorized persons with well-defined tasks contribute to the institutes health and safety management. The activities are ... [more]


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