Advanced Experimental and Theoretical Spectroscopy

Research in the Manganas group focuses on the development and application of advanced experimental and theoretical spectroscopic methodologies for the study of heterogeneous catalytic reactions.

Identifying catalytically active structures or intermediates in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis is a formidable challenge.It is well known that even for industrially leading catalytic processes there is a limited understanding regarding the catalytic activity of the working catalysts as well as the catalytic intermediates involved in the catalysis mechanisms. Such ‘missing’ information is however essential for the design of new functional materials. With all these in mind we have developed a joint project between several groups and departments in the MPI KoFo and MPI-CEC institutes aiming a spectroscopic and a reactivity understanding of the materials science processes. 

Research Topics:

As in addition to spectroscopy, reactivity plays an essential role in understanding the structure and the properties of catalytic active centers, the group shows activity in defining protocols that can deliver accurate energetics in problems similar to those met in solid state catalysis. In a characteristic example it ... [more]
An important activity in the group is to develop valid spectroscopic protocols that are able to treat relevant problems that are met in the fields of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. The ultimate goal here is to develop a spectroscopic information content that is transferable between the homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis worlds. [more]
With the aim to uniquely correlate spectroscopic property to electronic structure and geometric property, we are working closely with the groups of Mossbauer & MCD  (Dr. Eckhard Bill) and X-Ray spectroscopy (Prof. Dr. Serena DeBeer) as well as with the heterogeneous reactions department (Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl) and operate over the entire spectroscopic energy scale in order to evaluate unique spectroscopic signatures of transition metal complexes and materials in both equilibrium  and under operando conditions. [more]
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