The administration supports the researchers and scientific service units of the institute as far as possible in the performance of their tasks. The individual areas and the respective heads are presented with their contact details:

Human Resources 

The unit is in charge of all personnel matters, from hiring to personnel administration to termination of employment. Payroll accounting is also the duty of the HR department. In addition, the section supports and advises all managers and employees on personnel law issues.

Finance and Accounting

The employees of the unit are responsible for the administration of the public and private funds of the institute. They are the contact points for questions regarding accounting and payment transactions as well as for tax issues. Researchers are also provided with advice on third-party funded projects.

Annette Hilling

Asset Management

Asset Management oversees the Institute's private foundation assets as well as the Foundation's rented residential properties and is responsible for tenancy management.


This unit supports the entire institute's operations in all matters relating to procurement and customs. The chemicals and office supplies warehouse, including central chemical ordering, is part of this section, too.

Facility Management

Facility Management supervises the Institute's technical and infrastructure areas across the entire institute and contributes to the smooth functioning of the facilities.

Press and Public Relations

The Press and Public Relations office is the central point of contact for the Institute's internal and external communications. It provides information about research achievements and organizes the dialog with the media and the general public.

Isabel Schiffhorst

Sarah-Lena Gombert


The responsibility for the coordination of the institute-wide apprenticeship system belongs to this unit. In addition, the management of the technical specialist training (chemistry and physics) and the management of the teaching laboratory is carried out.

Historical Archive

The archive of the MPI für Kohlenforschung forms the central collection of all significant documents and exhibits, of over 100 years of the Institute's history.

Precision Mechanics and Glassblowing

The workshops support the scientists in the precise planning, development and production of scientifically used devices and apparatus as well as in their repair and maintenance.

Dirk Ullner

Precision Mechanics

Marcus Proske

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