The Institute’s Health and Safety Management

The central occupational safety department develops, coordinates and supports legal requirements in terms of occupational safety, emergency management and security.  Together with the executive board, department leaders, their safety officers and appointees for the electronic safety and health management system (ASi) as well as other delegated / qualified persons delegated for more specific entrepreneurial duties, work safety at the Kohlenforschung is organized and carried out with high standards striving for excellence. The same holds for numerous employees engaged as emergency personnel: two paramedics, more than 150 first aiders, 17 members in the institute’s fire brigade and approximately 35 emergency evacuation assistants represent a respectable commitment for a research institute of its size. Close and continuous cooperation with professional local rescue ser­vices as well as significant improvement in coping capacities of possible crises during the last three years complete our activities. Not surprisingly, inspection of both governmental regulatory agencies and our employers’ liability insurance association resulted in very positive feedback in recent years. In this way, we are pleased to report that we had no serious incidents.


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