Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Mass spectrometry is one of the fastest growing analytical methods. The mass spectrometry laboratory is focusing on the development of analytical methods using modern instrumentation.

  •    Development of new application
  •    Standard MS measurements using EI, CI, ESI, APLI, APPI and APCI
  •    Accurate mass measurements
  •    Interpretation of data
  •    Coupling of separation techniques to MS
  •    Teaching
  •    Research
  •    Software for analytical purpose

Research Topics:

Mass spectrometry is a very innovative analytical method, and can provide analytical information about a wide range of different compounds. The major research focus is on the... [more]
Energy research will be a key research area for at least the next 10-15 years and analytical chemistry will play an important role in the production of improved energy resources. Unfortunately, sustainable sources are not yet available, meaning that society will still depend on fossil fuels. Here, crude oil from unconventional resources, such as oil sands and heavy components like asphaltenes, will play a large role as the quantities of the currently used light and sweet crude oils are diminishing and information to upgrade the heavy resources is needed.
The development of catalytic methods for the production of biofuels is limited by the lack of sufficient and efficient analytical methods that allow for thorough characterization of such complex und unconventional resources. Challenges arise as a result of the wide range of sources used for biofuel production. We are developing mass spectrometry-based methods to investigate the catalytic conversion of biomass into biofuels from different sources. [more]
Silica and silicates are indispensable in many fields of science and technology, such as cement, ceramics, glass, zeolites, or catalysts. Since most of the properties strongly depend on pore dimensions, topology and heteroatom distribution, it is crucial to develop tailor-made syntheses. The basis therefore is... [more]
Organocatalysis is an expanding new field to develop new ways of creating chemical compounds. To develop new reactions and identify new molecules a strong analytical support is necessary. We utilize analytical methods and... [more]
MassLib provides  comprehensive software tools for the processing and interpretation of mass spectra or series of mass spectra, e.g. from a GC/MS run or from the fractionated evaporation of a mixture of solids. Libraries of reference spectra (e.g. Wiley Registry with more than 230,000 reference spectra, or other commercially available collections... [more]


Research Reports:

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