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Journal Article
Barbas III, C. F.; Heine, A.; Zhong, G.; Hoffmann, T.; Gramatikova, S.; Björnestedt, R.; List, B.; Anderson, J.; Stura, E. A.; Wilson, I. A.; Lerner, R. A. Immune Versus Natural Selection: Antibody Aldolases with Enzymic Rates But Broader Scope. Science 1997, 278, 2085–2092.
Journal Article
Mulzer, J.; List, B.; Bats, J. W. Stereocontrolled Synthesis of a Nonracemic Vitamin B12 A−B-Semicorrin. Journal of the American Chemical Society 1997, 119, 5512–5518.
Journal Article
Mulzer, J.; Bats, J. W.; List, B.; Opatz, T.; Trauner, D. The Phenanthrenone Approach to Opium Alkaloids: Formal Total Synthesis of Morphine by Sigmatropic Rearrangement. Synlett 1997, 1997, 441–444.
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