Ferdi Schüth speaks about biofuel in the Science Center Futurium

Professor Ferdi Schüth recently spoke about fuels of the future at the "Futurium" in Berlin. Schüth was invited as an expert for new energies to the virtual "Festival Bioeconomy – Time to Abandon the Fossil Fuel Economy". He discussed with host Barbara Scherle about his research on the conversion of lignocellulose into biofuels and the influence of cheap crude oil and other framework conditions on research. Experts such as Ranga Yogeshwar or the futurologist Dr. Siegfried Behrendt contributed comments to the discussion on sustainable fuels. Schüth's conclusion: "Energetically speaking, we will have a colorful world in 2050. And we can expect to experience surprises, because research does not advance linearly.” The exhibition house on the future "Futurium" in Berlin is supported by the Max Planck Society as a partner. The whole interview can be found here on youtube/

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