New 500MHz NMR Spectrometer Installed

May 09, 2011


The NMR department of the MPI für Kohlenforschung has just taken another step in modernizing its NMR arsenal. The installation of a Bruker spectrometer of the latest generation, an AVANCE III with 11.7T (500MHz) Ascend Magnet (the first in Germany!) was completed on 09.05.2011. This concludes the second phase of a 2-phase restructuring plan involving the NMR instrumentation for liquid-state analytical work.

In the first phase, a 20-year-old AMX system equipped with a 30-year-old Oxford magnet was decommissioned and replaced with an on-hand AV400 system. This will greatly facilitate the routine experimentations with an expected sensitivity improvement which will accelerate experiments by a factor of 4 to 9. This upgrade will also extend the range of nuclei on the X-channel (15N, 29Si, 31P, 13C, 19F), the number experiments that can be measured routinely as well as the temperature range (-150 °C to +80 °C). Finally, equipped with fail-safe interface, automatic tuning/matching as well as a sample changer, this system can be programmed to run after hours.

The second phase aimed at upgrading the spectrometers used for analytical work. The new 500MHz system includes improvement in sensitivity and resolution over the previous equipment which can accelerate experiments by a factor of 2 for all previously available nuclei (1H, 15N, 29Si, 31P, 13C, 19F, 195Pt, 11B, 107Ag, etc). Most importantly, it also features a third channel along with a TBI which opens the way to triple-resonance experiments, such as 1H-31P{13C} correlation experiments. The much-improved latest version of the software TOPSPIN (v3.0) is also available on this system. This instrument will be used both for state-of-the-art analytical work as well as for research and method developments.

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