Tight calves and lots of CO2 saved

Team Max Planck Institutes ranked 11th in Mülheim Stadtradeln/City Cycling

September 25, 2023

49 cyclists, around 6,900 kilometers covered and 1,120 kg of CO2 avoided – that is the balance of Team Max Planck Institutes in the Mülheim city cycling event/Stadtradeln. For three weeks, the employees of the institutes collected as many everyday kilometers as possible by bicycle.

Around 1,000 citizens and employees from Mülheim took part in the campaign Mülheim Stadtradeln, which aims to set an example for climate protection and bicycle-friendly infrastructures. Kofo-Organizer Christophe Farès recorded more than 500 bike kilometers: "I think we can be satisfied with our result. Our team was much bigger this year than last and so together we were able to save quite a lot of CO2. Nevertheless, we hope that next year even more colleagues will support the Mülheim Stadtradeln so that we can top the result," says Farès.

Co-organizer Silvia Palm from the KOFO Green Team was also involved and contributed the best result of a woman to the team with 403 cycling kilometers. She was particularly pleased about the acceptance of an institutes‘ social event within the city cycling: "Cycling is not only healthy and good for the climate but also communicative. Our joint after-work bike ride created a nice exchange between participants that would not happen in everyday life. We would like to repeat this next year as well.“


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