Professor Tobias Ritter visited Q2-course of Chemistry of the Luisenschule

January 23, 2018
Professor Tobias Ritter visited Q2-course of Chemistry of the Luisenschule

Inspiring young people with enthusiasm for chemistry is an important concern of Professor Tobias Ritter, director of the Max-Institut für Kohlenforschung. At the invitation of chemistry teacher Dr. Beate Schulte, the 42 year old was now at the Luisenschule in Mülheim and reported to the pupils of a Q2-chemistry course on his current research and career.

"For the students, it is of course surprising at first sight that someone is giving up his job as a professor at Harvard University in order to go to Mülheim an der Ruhr. But I think they understood that the Max Planck Institute offers excellent opportunities for a director in my field of research and that this is a great place to work for young people interested in chemistry," said Ritter. "In particular, we would like to arouse the curiosity of girls and young women for natural sciences, and this can only be achieved by telling them about it or inviting them to get to know the work in basic chemical research," said Ritter. The Girls‘ Day on April, 26th offers another opportunity and the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung will definitely take part.

A report from Tobias Ritter's visit to the course of Dr. Beate Schulte, who recently received the teacher award in the category "Schüler zeichnen Lehrer aus", can be found on the webseite of the Luisenschule.

Photo: Luisenschule / report by Joshua Krieger, shows Tobias Ritter with LK Chemie of the Luisenschule

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