Group Weidenthaler organized summer school on crystallography

August 22, 2019

About 40 students took part in the international summer school "Synthesis and characterization of inorganic functional materials" organized by Claudia Weidenthaler and her team from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallografie "Materials Science Crystallography". The scientific program presented 13 speakers and covered different aspects of the synthesis and characterization of inorganic functional materials. The lecture program offered a broad overview from crystal growing of large single crystals, synthesis of nanomaterials to application-oriented production of micro- and mesoporous materials. The characterization methods presented included scattering methods such as single crystal and powder diffraction or small angle scattering, as well as various spectroscopic methods such as infrared spectroscopy, Mößbauer spectroscopy or solid state nuclear resonance spectroscopy.

The summer school took place from July 22 - 24.

Photo: MPI für Kohlenforschung, showing summer school participants

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