Publikationen von Kathrin Wobser

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Prechtl, M. H. G.; Wobser, K.; Theyssen, N.; Ben-David, Y.; Milstein, D.; Leitner, W.: Direct coupling of alcohols to form esters and amides with evolution of H2 using in situ formed ruthenium catalysts. Catalysis Science & Technology 2 (12), S. 2039 - 2042 (2012)
List, B.; Döhring, A.; Hechavarria Fonseca, M. T.; Wobser, K.; van Thienen, H.; Rios Torres, R.; Llamas Galilea, P.: Practical Synthesis of (E)‐α,β‐Unsaturated Esters from Aldehydes. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 347 (11-13), S. 1558 - 1560 (2005)
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