Publications of Nicole Kindler

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Journal Article
Fürstner, A.; Thiel, O. R.; Kindler, N.; Bartkowska, B. Total Syntheses of (S)-(−)-Zearalenone and Lasiodiplodin Reveal Superior Metathesis Activity of Ruthenium Carbene Complexes with Imidazol-2-Ylidene Ligands. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2000, 65, 7990–7995.
Journal Article
Fürstner, A.; Seidel, G.; Kindler, N. Macrocycles by Ring-Closing-Metathesis, XI: Syntheses of (R)-(+)-Lasiodiplodin, Zeranol and Truncated Salicylihalamides. Tetrahedron 1999, 55, 8215–8230.
Journal Article
Fürstner, A.; Kindler, N. Macrocycle Formation by Ring-Closing-Metathesis. 2. An Efficient Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure (R)-(+)-Lasiodiplodin. Tetrahedron Letters 1996, 37, 7005–7008.
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