Publications of A. Rumbo

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Journal Article
Fürstner, A.; Stelzer, F.; Rumbo, A.; Krause, H. Total Synthesis of the Turrianes and Evaluation of their DNA- Cleaving Properties. Chemistry-A European Journal 2002, 8, 1856–1871.
Journal Article
Fürstner, A.; Rumbo, A. Ring-Closing Alkyne Metathesis. Stereoselective Synthesis of the Cytotoxic Marine Alkaloid Motuporamine C. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2000, 65, 2608–2611.
Journal Article
Fürstner, A.; Guth, O.; Rumbo, A.; Seidel, G. Ring Closing Alkyne Metathesis. Comparative Investigation of Two Different Catalyst Systems and Application to the Stereoselective Synthesis of Olfactory Lactones, Azamacrolides, and the Macrocyclic Perimeter of the Marine Alkaloid Nakadomarin A. Journal of the American Chemical Society 1999, 121, 11108–11113.
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