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Journal Article
Gui, X.; Sorbelli, D.; Caló, F. P.; Leutzsch, M.; Patzer, M.; Fürstner, A.; Bistoni, G.; Auer, A. A. Elucidating the Electronic Nature of Rh-BasedPaddlewheel Catalysts from 103Rh NMRChemical Shifts: Insights from QuantumMechanical Calculations. Chemistry – A European Journal 2023, e202301846.
Journal Article
Richter, A.; Seidel, R. W.; Goddard, R.; Eckhardt, T.; Lehmann, C.; Dörner, J.; Siersleben, F.; Sondermann, T.; Mann, L.; Patzer, M.; Jäger, C.; Reiling, N.; Imming, P. BTZ-Derived Benzisothiazolinones with In Vitro Activity against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2022, 13, 1302–1310.
Journal Article
Richter, A.; Patzer, M.; Goddard, R.; Lingnau, J. B.; Imming, P.; Seidel, R. W. Structural Elucidation of the Antitubercular Benzothiazinone BTZ043: A Combined X-Ray, Variable Temperature NMR and DFT Study. Journal of Molecular Structure 2022, 1248, 131419.
Journal Article
Patzer, M.; Nöthling, N.; Goddard, R.; Lehmann, C. W. Absolute Configuration of In Situ Crystallized (+)-γ-Decalactone. Chemistry 2021, 3, 578–584.
Journal Article
Buchsteiner, M.; Martinez-Rodriguez, L.; Jerabek, P.; Pozo, I.; Patzer, M.; Nöthling, N.; Lehmann, C. W.; Fürstner, A. Catalytic Asymmetric Fluorination of Copper Carbene Complexes: Preparative Advances and a Mechanistic Rationale. Chemistry – A European Journal 2020, 26, 2509–2515.
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