Publications of Jochen Ortmeyer

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Journal Article
Bodach, A.; Ortmeyer, J.; Herrmann, B.; Felderhoff, M. Amino−Organolithium Compounds and their Aggregation for the Synthesis of Amino−Organoaluminium Compounds. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2021, 2021, 2248–2256.
Journal Article
Sandig-Predzymirska, L.; Ortmeyer, J.; Wagler, J.; Brendler, E.; Habermann, F.; Anders, M.; Felderhoff, M.; Mertens, F. The Direct and Reversible Hydrogenation of Activated Aluminium Supported by Piperidine. Dalton Transactions 2020, 49, 17689–17698.
Journal Article
Ortmeyer, J.; Bodach, A.; Sandig-Predzymirska, L.; Zibrowius, B.; Mertens, F.; Felderhoff, M. Direct Hydrogenation of Aluminum Via Stabilization with Triethylenediamine: A Mechanochemical Approach to Synthesize the Triethylenediamine ⋅ AlH3 Adduct. ChemPhysChem 2019, 20, 1360–1368.
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