Publications of Yan Meng

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Journal Article
Richter, F. H.; Meng, Y.; Klasen, T.; Sahraoui, L.; Schüth, F. Structural Mimicking of Inorganic Catalyst Supports with Polydivinylbenzene to Improve Performance in the Selective Aerobic Oxidation of Ethanol and Glycerol in Water. Journal of Catalysis 2013, 308, 341–351.
Journal Article
Meng, Y.; Wang, G. H.; Bernt, S.; Stock, N.; Lu, A. H. Crystal-Like Microporous Hybrid Solid Nanocast from Cr-MIL-101. Chemical Communications 2011, 47, 10479–10481.
Journal Article
Gu, D.; Bongard, H.; Meng, Y.; Miyasaka, K.; Terasaki, O.; Zhang, F.; Deng, Y.; Wu, Z.; Feng, D.; Fang, Y.; Tu, B.; Schüth, F.; Zhao, D. Growth of Single-Crystal Mesoporous Carbons with Im3m Symmetry. Chemistry of Materials 2010, 22, 4828–4833.
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