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Journal Article
Lignier, P.; Comotti, M.; Schüth, F.; Rousset, J.-L.; Caps, V. Effect of the Titania Morphology on the Au/TiO₂-Catalyzed Aerobic Epoxidation of Stilbene. Catalysis Today 2009, 141, 355–360.
Journal Article
Bönnemann, H.; Brand, R. A.; Brijoux, W.; Hofstadt, H.-W.; Frerichs, M.; Kempter, V.; Maus-Friedrichs, W.; Matoussevitch, N.; Nagabhushana, K. S.; Voigts, F.; Caps, V. Air Stable Fe and Fe-Co Magnetic Fluids - Synthesis and Characterization. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 2005, 19, 790–796.
Journal Article
Caps, V.; Paraskevas, I.; Tsang, S. C. A Surface and Catalytic Study of Heterogenised Os3(CO)12 Species in MCM-41 Structures. Applied Catalysis A-General 2003, 252, 37–49.
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