Publications of Jennifer L. Kennemur

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Journal Article
Kennemur, J. L.; Maji, R.; Scharf, M. J.; List, B. Catalytic Asymmetric Hydroalkoxylation of C–C Multiple Bonds. Chemical Reviews 2021, 121, 14649–14681.
Journal Article
Zhou, H.; Bae, H. Y.; Leutzsch, M.; Kennemur, J. L.; Bécart, D.; List, B. The Silicon−Hydrogen Exchange Reaction: A Catalytic σ‑Bond Metathesis Approach to the Enantioselective Synthesis of Enol Silanes. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020, 142, 13695–13670.
Journal Article
Ouyang, J.; Kennemur, J. L.; De, C. K.; Farès, C.; List, B. Strong and Confined Acids Enable a Catalytic Asymmetric Nazarov Cyclization of Simple Divinyl Ketones. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2019, 141, 3414–3418.
Journal Article
Tsuji, N.; Kennemur, J. L.; Buyck, T.; Lee, S.; Prévost, S.; Kaib, P. S. J.; Bykov, D.; Farès, C.; List, B. Activation of Olefins Via Asymmetric Brønsted Acid Catalysis. Science 2018, 359, 1501–1505.
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