Publications of Wolfgang Kersten

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Petersen, H.; Reichle, S.; Leiting, S.; Losch, P.; Kersten, W.; Rathmann, T.; Tseng, J.; Etter, M.; Schmidt, W.; Weidenthaler, C. In Situ Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Studies of the Mechanochemical Synthesis of ZnS from its Elements. Chemistry – A European Journal 2021.
Journal Article
Moury, R.; Hauschild, K.; Kersten, W.; Ternieden, J.; Felderhoff, M.; Weidenthaler, C. An in Situ Powder Diffraction Cell for High-Pressure Hydrogenation Experiments Using Laboratory X-Ray Diffractometers. Journal of Applied Crystallography 2015, 48, 79–84.
Journal Article
Urbanczyk, R.; Peinecke, K.; Felderhoff, M.; Hauschild, K.; Kersten, W.; Peil, S.; Bathen, D. Aluminium Alloy Based Hydrogen Storage Tank Operated with Sodium Aluminium Hexahydride Na3AlH6. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2014, 39, 17118–17128.
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