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Richter, F. H.; Meng, Y.; Klasen, T.; Sahraoui, L.; Schüth, F. Structural mimicking of inorganic catalyst supports with polydivinylbenzene to improve performance in the selective aerobic oxidation of ethanol and glycerol in water. Journal of Catalysis 2013, 308, 341–351.
Meng, Y.; Wang, G. H.; Bernt, S.; Stock, N.; Lu, A. H. Crystal-like microporous hybrid solid nanocast from Cr-MIL-101. Chemical Communications 2011, 47, 10479–10481.
Gu, D.; Bongard, H.; Meng, Y.; Miyasaka, K.; Terasaki, O.; Zhang, F.; Deng, Y.; Wu, Z.; Feng, D.; Fang, Y.; Tu, B.; Schüth, F.; Zhao, D. Growth of Single-Crystal Mesoporous Carbons with Im3m Symmetry. Chemistry of Materials 2010, 22, 4828–4833.
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