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Kille, S.; Acevedo-Rocha, C. G.; Parra, L. P.; Zhang, Z.-G.; Oppermann, D. J.; Reetz, M. T.; Acevedo, J. P. Reducing Codon Redundancy and Screening Effort of Combinatorial Protein Libraries Created by Saturation Mutagenesis. ACS Synthetic Biology 2013, Nr. 2, 83–92.
Kille, S.; Zilly, F. E.; Acevedo, J. P.; Reetz, M. T. Regio- and stereoselectivity of P450-catalysed hydroxylation of steroids controlled by laboratory evolution. Nature Chemistry 2011, 3, 738–743.
Bougioukou, D. J.; Kille, S.; Taglieber, A.; Reetz, M. T. Directed Evolution of an Enantioselective Enoate-Reductase: Testing the Utility of Iterative Saturation Mutagenesis. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2009, 351, 3287–3305.
Sanchis, J.; Fernández, L.; Carballeira, J. D.; Drône, J.; Gumulya, Y.; Höbenreich, H.; Kahakeaw, D.; Kille, S.; Lohmer, R.; Peyralans, J. J.-P.; Podtetenieff, J.; Prasad, S.; Soni, P.; Taglieber, A.; Wu, S.; Zilly, F. E.; Reetz, M. T. Improved PCR method for the creation of saturation mutagenesis libraries in directed evolution: application to difficult-to-amplify templates. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2008, 81, 387–397.

Buchkapitel (2)

Acevedo Rocha, C. G.; Reetz, M. T.; Kille, S. Iterative Saturation Mutagenesis (ISM): A Powerful Approach to Engineer Proteins by Systematically Simulating Darwinian Evolution. In Directed Evolution Library Creation; Gillam, E. M. J., Copp, J. N., Ackerley, D. F., Hrsg.; Gillam, E. M. J., Copp, J. N., Ackerley, D. F., Hrsg.; Springer: Heidelberg, 2014; Bd. 2nd Edition.
Reetz, M. T.; Kille, S. Protein Engineering: Development of Novel Enzymes for the Improved Reduction of C=C Double Bonds. In Synthetic Methods for Biologically Active Molecules: Exploring the Potential of Bioreductions; Brenna, E., Hrsg.; Brenna, E., Hrsg.; Wiley, 2013; S 139–181.

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Kille, S. Flavoproteins in Directed Evolution. Doktorarbeit, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum.
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