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Peinecke, K.; Meggouh, M.; Felderhoff, M. Mechanochemical synthesis and effect of various additives on the hydrogen absorption-desorption behavior of Na3AlH6. Journal of Materials Science 2018, 53, 13742–13750.
Urbanczyk, R.; Peinecke, K.; Meggouh, M.; Minne, P.; Peil, S.; Bathen, D.; Felderhoff, M. Design and operation of an aluminium alloy tank using doped Na3AlH6 in kg scale for hydrogen storage. Journal of Power Sources 2016, 324, 589–597.
Urbanczyk, R.; Meggouh, M.; Moury, R.; Peinecke, K.; Peil, S.; Felderhoff, M. Demonstration of Mg2FeH6 as heat storage material at temperatures up to 550 °C. Applied Physics A 2016, 122, 122:315.
Grewe, T.; Meggouh, M.; Tüysüz, H. Nanocatalysts for Solar Water Splitting and a Perspective on Hydrogen Economy. Chemistry – An Asian Journal 2016, 11, 22–42.
Ley, M. B.; Meggouh, M.; Moury, R.; Peinecke, K.; Felderhoff, M. Development of Hydrogen Storage Tank Systems Based on Complex Metal Hydrides. Materials 2015, 8, 5891–5921.
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