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Song, J.; Klein, E. L.; Neese, F.; Ye, S. The Mechanism of Homogeneous CO2 Reduction by Ni(cyclam): Product Selectivity, Concerted Proton–Electron Transfer and C–O Bond Cleavage. Inorganic Chemistry 2014, 53, 7500–7507.
Klein, E. L.; Belaidi, A. A.; Raitsimring, A. M.; Davis, A. C.; Krämer, T.; Astashkin, A. V.; Neese, F.; Schwarz, G.; Enemark, J. H. Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of 33S-Labeled Molybdenum Cofactor in Catalytically Active Bioengineered Sulfite Oxidase. Inorganic Chemistry 2014, 53, 961–971.
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