Publications of Julia Busch

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Journal Article
Yang, X.; Kuziola, J.; Béland, V. A.; Busch, J.; Leutzsch, M.; Burés, J.; Cornella, J. Bismuth-Catalyzed Amide Reduction. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2023, 62, e202306447.
Journal Article
Yang, X.; Reijerse, E. J.; Bhattacharyya, K.; Leutzsch, M.; Kochius, M.; Nöthling, N.; Busch, J.; Schnegg, A.; Auer, A. A.; Cornella, J. Radical Activation of N–H and O–H Bonds at Bismuth(II). Journal of the American Chemical Society 2022, 144, 16535–16544.
Journal Article
Le Vaillant, F.; Mateos Calbet, A.; González-Pelayo, S.; Reijerse, E. J.; Ni, S.; Busch, J.; Cornella, J. Catalytic Synthesis of Phenols with Nitrous Oxide. Nature 2022, 604, 677–683.
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