Prof. Dr. Benjamin List wins the Nobel Prize!


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A team led by Professor Tobias Ritter has now found a new way to label complex small molecules with tritium. The team took advantage of the special properties of arylthianthrenium salts that they developed two years ago. The new approach does not require an inert atmosphere or dry conditions, making it practical to use. The researchers present their research results in Nature.

The official Nobel Ceremony on Friday, 10th of December, marked the peak of this year’s Nobel Week – even if it was a hybrid Event, due to Corona. A very special week found its end for Prof. Benjamin List, director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, who has just received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 


New method enables simple tritium labeling and could provide added value to the discovery and development of pharmaceuticals

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Selective and energy saving transformation of chemicals and natural products.

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