Publications of Barbara Sandhoefer

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Journal Article
Riplinger, C.; Sandhoefer, B.; Hansen, A.; Neese, F. Natural Triple Excitations in Local Coupled Cluster Calculations with Pair Natural Orbitals. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2013, 139, 134101.
Journal Article
Sandhoefer, B.; Kossmann, S.; Neese, F. Derivation and Assessment of Relativistic Hyperfine-Coupling Tensors on the Basis of Orbital-Optimized Second-Order Møller–Plesset Perturbation Theory and the Second-Order Douglas–Kroll–Hess Transformation. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2013, 138, 104102.
Journal Article
Sandhoefer, B.; Neese, F. One-Electron Contributions to the g-Tensor for Second-Order Douglas–Kroll–Hess Theory. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2012, 137, 094102.
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