Publications of Jingjing Zheng

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Journal Article
Marquardt, R.; Sagui, K.; Zheng, J.; Thiel, W.; Luckhaus, D.; Yurchenko, S.; Mariotti, F.; Quack, M. Global Analytical Potential Energy Surface for the Electronic Ground State of NH3 from High Level Ab Initio Calculations. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2013, 117, 7502–7522.
Journal Article
Wang, D.; Zheng, J. J.; Shaik, S.; Thiel, W. Quantum and Molecular Mechanical Study of the First Proton Transfer in the Catalytic Cycle of Cytochrome p450cam and its Mutant D251N. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2008, 112, 5126–5138.
Journal Article
Zheng, J. J.; Altun, A.; Thiel, W. Common System Setup for the Entire Catalytic Cycle of Cytochrome P450Cam in Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Studies. Journal of Computational Chemistry 2007, 28, 2147–2158.
Journal Article
Yurchenko, S. N.; Carvajal, M.; Jensen, P.; Lin, H.; Zheng, J. J.; Thiel, W. Rotation-Vibration Motion of Pyramidal XY₃ Molecules Described in the Eckart Frame: Theory and Application to NH₃. Molecular Physics 2005, 103, 359–378.
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