Publications of Nina Kausch-Busies

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Journal Article
Mailhol, D.; Willwacher, J.; Kausch-Busies, N.; Rubitski, E. E.; Sobol, Z.; Schuler, M.; Lam, M.-H.; Musto, S.; Loganzo, F.; Maderna, A.; Fürstner, A. Synthesis, Molecular Editing, and Biological Assessment of the Potent Cytotoxin Leiodermatolide. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136, 15719–15729.
Journal Article
Willwacher, J.; Kausch-Busies, N.; Fürstner, A. Divergent Total Synthesis of the Antimitotic Agent Leiodermatolide. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2012, 51, 12041–12046.
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