Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Amrute, A. P.; Łodziana, Z.; Schreyer, H.; Weidenthaler, C.; Schüth, F. High-Surface-Area Corundum by Mechanochemically Induced Phase Transformation of Boehmite. Science 2019, 366, 485–489.
Journal Article
Makepeace, J. W.; He, T.; Weidenthaler, C.; Jensen, T. R.; Chang, F.; Vegge, T.; Ngene, P.; Kojima, Y.; de Jongh, P. E.; Chen, P.; David, W. I. F. Reversible Ammonia-Based and Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers for High-Density Hydrogen Storage: Recent Progress. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2019, 44, 7746–7767.
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