Solid-State NMR

Solid-state NMR spectroscopy is one of the most important techniques for the characterisation of solid catalysts and other new materials synthesized in the department of Heterogeneous Catalysis. In recent years, solid-state NMR has been used to investigate structural properties of mesostructured materials used in catalysis, materials for reversible hydrogen storage, and other condensed organic and organometallic compounds. Requests are addressed directly to Dr. Christophe Farès or to Ms. Julia Lingnau, who provide service in all things related to solid-state NMR for the institute.

Our two modern 300- and 500-MHz Bruker spectrometers with superconducting wide-bore magnets are equipped with probeheads for the measurement of static samples as well as several magic-angle-spinning (MAS) probeheads (2.5mm, 4mm and 7mm) which give us the versatility to access a wide range of nuclei, MAS speeds and temperatures.

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