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Journal Article
Khan, T. R.; Erbe, A.; Auinger, M.; Marlow, F.; Rohwerder, M. Electrodeposition of Zinc-Silica Composite Coatings: Challenges in Incorporating Functionalized Silica Particles into a Zinc Matrix. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 2011, 12.
Journal Article
Marlow, F.; Muldarisnur, M.; Sharifi, P.; Zabel, H. Interpretation of Small-Angle Diffraction Experiments on Opal-Like Photonic Crystals. Physical Review B 2011, 84.
Journal Article
Muldarisnur, M.; Marlow, F. Opal Films Made by the Capillary Deposition Method: Crystal Orientation and Defects. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2011, 115, 414–418.
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