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Caro, J.; Noak, M.; Richter Mendau, J.; Marlow, F.; Petersohn, D.; Griepentrog, M.; Kornatowski, J. Selective Sorption Uptake Kinetics of n-Hexane on ZSM 5 - a New Method for Measuring Anisotropic Diffusivities. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 1993, 97, 13685–13690.
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Marlow, F.; Caro, J.; Werner, L.; Kornatowski, J.; Dähne, S. Optical Second Harmonic Generation of (Dimethylamino)Benzonitrile Molecules Incorporated in the Molecular Sieve AlP04-5. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 1993, 97, 11286–11290.
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Marlow, F.; Hill, W.; Caro, J.; Finger, G. Raman Study on p-Nitroaniline in Channels of the Molecular Sieve AlPO4–5. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 1993, 24, 603–608.
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