If you are interested in photonic crystals, optical materials, photochemistry, or theory (solid state, excitations, wave propagation), you may send us an application. You should have not only interest in chemistry but also in physics or material science. Of course, depending on funding, there are not always free positions.

Mostly the positions are for PhD students or master students; in exceptional cases we also hire postdocs. Currently, there are only free positions for students (“Studentische Hilfskräfte”) and a short-term position for a postdoc.

Possible projects:

1. Simulation of opal formation and spectroscopic effects of opals (student project, Matlab required)
2. Simulation of iontronic devices (postdoc)
3. Application of photochemical cis-trans reactions in materials (master student)
4. Theoretical and experimental investigations of metal alloys (student project)
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