PhD student (f/m/d) in physical organic chemistry

PhD candidate

Job Offer from January 05, 2024

The Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr is a renowned research institution that is engaged in basic research in the field of catalysis.
The new research program Fundamental Principles of Organic Reactivity founded by Dr. Guanqi Qiu invites applications for positions as 

PhD student (f/m/d) in physical organic chemistry

Job description: The Qiu group is dedicated to conceptualizing new principles of organic reactivity and catalysis, both experimentally and computationally. We study unique aspects of organic chemistry, aiming to offer new perspectives to longstanding questions. Our main research themes are: 1. Systematically modulating intrinsic (i.e., thermodynamic-independent) reactivity; 2. Utilizing intrinsic reactivity to manipulate selectivity; and 3. Developing a new diagnostic method for quantum mechanical tunneling in organic reactions under ambient conditions.  Each project, while contributing to broader research goals, offers individual insight and discovery. Our research is conceptually cohesive yet encompasses a variety of organic reaction systems.  The choice of research topic is flexible, to best meet our new students’ interest and career ambition.

Qualification: Ideal candidates need to have 

  • a Masters degree in organic or physical chemistry broadly defined, with research experience
  • basic knowledge in organic and physical chemistry, and excellent understanding in organic or physical chemistry
  • an explorative mindset for conceptual challenges and dedication to deep thinking 
  • excellent English language and communication skills 

Excellent candidates who have less relevant experience will not be at a disadvantage if they demonstrate strong potential.

Job offers: 

  • The funding for PhD positions is typically provided for 3 years with potential extension, subject to scientific progress and funding availability.
  • We offer comprehensive training in diverse facets of physical organic chemistry, aimed at fostering the development of problem-identifying, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.
  • You will benefit from the institute’s access to excellent technical support and intellectual resources, along with personal and professional development.

The positions are immediately available, but the starting date is flexible. Current final-semester Masters students are encouraged to apply, and the positions would be reserved until completion of the Masters degree.  

Applications: Please send your letter of motivation, curriculum vitae and college record to Dr. Guanqi Qiu via email (). Shortlisted candidates will be asked to provide two letters of reference.

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