Homogeneous Catalysis and Mechanistic Studies

Martin Klussmann has left the institute in Summer 2020 and is now working as Senior R&D Chemist at Borchers, Langenfeld. His e-mail address is: martin.klussmann@borchers.com. This webpage documents the activities of his group at the MPI für Kohlenforschung (until 2020).

The transition of chemical production to processes that are environmentally benign and sustainable is a big challenge for our society and for chemical research. Homogeneous catalysis can make a substantial contribution by developing processes that convert simple substrates into valuable products without using synthetic reagents in stoichiometric amounts or large amounts of energy. The development of such processes is the prime goal of our research group.

Research Topics:

The activation of C-H bonds is an important goal in chemical research. The direct substitution of hydrogen in C-H bonds by a desired fragment creates interesting synthetic alternatives to the more common multi-step approach of first introducing reactive functional groups.  [more]
We are also developing other methods for direct and atom economic organic syntheses, for example to access starting materials for our projects or to apply strategies that were inspired by our mechanistic studies.  [more]
We are highly interested in investigating the mechanism of organic reactions. We study reactions developed in our own group, but also others and we are always interested in collaborations with other research groups.  [more]

Research Reports

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