X-ray Photoelectronspectroscopy (XPS)

XPS is a method based on the photoelectric process for quantifying the chemical composition of surfaces, determining oxidation states and analyzing the chemical environment of elements.

The spectrometer (SPECS GmbH) is equipped with a dual anode (Al/Mg) as well as a monochromatic Al/Ag source. In the analysis chamber samples can be heated or cooled during spectroscopic measurements. The use of an electron gun for charge compensation allows the analysis of electrically non-conductive samples with high spectral resolution.

The spectrometer is additionally equipped with a UV source for measuring UPS spectra.

To avoid contact of samples after chemical reactions with the atmosphere, temperature dependent reactions of solid surfaces with different reaction gases can be performed in a reaction chamber attached to the XPS. After a reaction, the sample can be transferred directly into the analysis chamber under exclusion of air and measured.

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