Publications of Kristina Pupovac

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Journal Article
Deng, X.; Dodekatos, G.; Pupovac, K.; Weidenthaler, C.; Schmidt, W.; Schüth, F.; Tüysüz, H. Pseudomorphic Generation of Supported Catalysts for Glycerol Oxidation. ChemCatChem 2015, 7, 3832–3837.
Journal Article
Pupovac, K.; Palkovits, R. Cu/MgAl2O4 as Bifunctional Catalyst for Aldol Condensation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Selective Transfer Hydrogenation. ChemSusChem 2013, 6, 2103–2110.
Journal Article
Richter, F. H.; Pupovac, K.; Palkovits, R.; Schüth, F. Set of Acidic Resin Catalysts To Correlate Structure and Reactivity in Fructose Conversion to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural. ACS Catalysis 2013, 3, 123–127.
Journal Article
Palkovits, R.; Tajvidi, K.; Pupovac, K.; Kükrek, M. Copper-Based Catalysts for Efficient Valorization of Cellulose. CHEMSUSCHEM 2012, 5, 2139–2142 .
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