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Journal Article
Bradley, J. S.; Cheng, F.; Archibald, S. J.; Supplit, R.; Rovai, R.; Lehmann, C. W.; Krüger, C.; Lefebvre, F. Syntheses and Structures of [(Me3N)3SiNHLi]4, (C4H8O)Al[NHSi(NMe2)3]3, ((Me2N)3SiNH)3Al and Li(THF)2+[((Me2N)3SiNH)4 Al]-. Dalton Transactions 2003, No. 9, 1846–1851.
Journal Article
Rovai, R.; Lehmann, C. W.; Bradley, J. S. Non-Oxide Sol–Gel Chemistry: Preparation from Tris(Dialkylamino)Silazanes of a Carbon-Free, Porous, Silicon Diimide Gel. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 1999, 38, 2036–2038.
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