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Journal Article
Ramalho, T. C.; Pereira, D. H.; Thiel, W. Thermal and Solvent Effects On NMR Indirect Spin-Spin Coupling Constants of a Prototypical Chagas Disease Drug. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2011, 115, 13504–13512.
Journal Article
Ramalho, T. C.; Bühl, M. Probing NMR Parameters, Structure and Dynamics of 5-Nitroimidazole Derivatives. Density Functional Study of Prototypical Radiosensitizers. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 2005, 43, 139–146.
Journal Article
Ramalho, T. C.; Bühl, M.; Figueroa-Villar, J. D.; Bicca de Alencastro, R. Computational NMR Spectroscopy of Transition-Metal/Nitroimidazole Complexes: Theoretical Investigation of Potential Radiosensitizers. Helvetica Chimica Acta 2005, 88, 2705–2721.
Journal Article
Ramalho, T. C.; da Cunha, E. F. F.; Bicca de Alencastro, R. Solvent Effects on 13C and 15N Shielding Tensors of Nitroimidazoles in the Condensed Phase: a Sequential Molecular Dynamics/Quantum Mechanics Study. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 2004, 16, 6159–6170.
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