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Falk, T.; Budiyanto, E.; Dreyer, M.; Pflieger, C.; Waffel, D.; Büker, J.; Weidenthaler, C.; Ortega, K. F.; Behrens, M.; Tüysüz, H.; Muhler, M.; Peng, B. Identification of Active Sites in the Catalytic Oxidation of 2‐Propanol over Co1+xFe2‐xO4 Spinel Oxides at Solid/Liquid and Solid/Gas Interfaces. ChemCatChem 2021.
Journal Article
Yu, M.; Li, G.; Fu, C.; Liu, E.; Manna, K.; Budiyanto, E.; Yang, Q.; Felser, C.; Tüysüz, H. Tunable eg Orbital Occupancy in Heusler Compounds for Oxygen Evolution Reaction. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2021, 60, 5800–5805.
Journal Article
Waffel, D.; Budiyanto, E.; Porske, T.; Büker, J.; Falk, T.; Fu, Q.; Schmidt, S.; Tüysüz, H.; Muhler, M.; Peng, B. Investigation of Synergistic Effects between Co and Fe in Co3-xFexO4 Spinel Catalysts for the Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Aromatic Alcohols and Styrene. Molecular Catalysis 2020, 498.
Journal Article
Budiyanto, E.; Yu, M.; Chen, M.; DeBeer, S.; Rüdiger, O.; Tüysüz, H. Tailoring Morphology and Electronic Structure of Cobalt Iron Oxide Nanowires for Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution Reaction. ACS Applied Energy Materials 2020, 3, 8583–8594.
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